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  • Auto/SUV Traction Aid  SHU10036 Shurtrax All Weather Traction Auto/SUV Traction Aid  SHU10036

    Auto/SUV Traction Aid SHU10036

    SUV/CUV/Auto ShurTrax Traction Weight Get better control on your SUV/CUV/Rear-Wheel Drive Auto with 100 extra traction pounds! Improve your handling and control in all road conditions from spring rains to winter snow with the added weight of the...

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  • Max-Pak 200 2-10036 Trac tion Aid SHU10236 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Max-Pak 200 2-10036 Traction Aid SHU10236

    ShurTrax Max-Pax 200 lb. Kit Get better control on any vehicle with 200 pounds (91 kg) of extra traction exactly where you need it. The ShurTrax Max-Pax Kit includes two SUV/CUV/Auto ShurTrax. Improve your handling and control in all road conditions...

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