What Is ShurTrax?

ShurTrax is a traction aid that adds weight to vehicles for better grip on slippery surfaces.


How Does ShurTrax Work?

• ShurTrax uses a heavy-duty reinforced water bladder that is positioned over the rear axle and secured in place with straps.

• Depending on the model, the ShurTrax holds up to 50 gallons of water, adding approximately 400 pounds of weight for added traction.

• ShurTrax is easy to empty and store during the off-season.


ShurTrax Benefits

• Fills and drains using a standard garden hose.

• Integrated baffles prevent sloshing and sudden weight shifts.

• Cleaner and safer than many alternatives.

• Reusable year-after-year and stores easily.

• Made of heavy-duty, nylon mesh reinforced vinyl to resist tears and abrasion.

• Designed to withstand temperatures down to -40°F.