Shurtrax Accessories

  • Rubber Tarp Strap Kit  SHU30000 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Rubber Tarp Strap Kit SHU30000

    ShurTrax 6-piece Rubber Tarp Strap Kit - Includes 2 each of 15", 21", and 31" These multipurpose natural rubber tarp straps are best for cold weather zones, will not rot or lose elasticity with exposure to the elements. The black rubber straps feature...
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  • Tear Repair Kit  SHU10005 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Tear Repair Kit SHU10005

    ShurTrax Patch Repair Kit The outer skin of ShurTrax is plenty tough, but it is not immune to puncture. While it is our hope that you never need it, we offer a heavy-duty patch repair kit for easy and durable repairs to your ShurTrax. Patches are made...
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  • Siphon Pump Assembly  SHU10010 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Siphon Pump Assembly SHU10010

    ShurTrax Perfect Siphon Pump The ShurTrax Perfect Siphon Pump provides a quick and easy way to drain any ShurTrax. It attaches to an outdoor faucet and a garden hose connected to the ShurTrax fill/drain valve, using siphon power generated by the water...
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  • Super Union  SHU10009 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Super Union SHU10009

    ShurTrax Super Union Water Connection Fitting ShurTrax Water Union Connection Fitting allows you to connect a garden hose to the ShurTrax fill/drain valve for easy filling. Includes rubber washer for proper fit. Fitting is included at no charge with the...
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  • Cap And Seal  SHU10020 Shurtrax All Weather Traction

    Cap And Seal SHU10020

    ShurTrax Cap Replacement Kit Replace a lost or damaged plug and/or cap. The ShurTrax Replacement Cap and Plug Kit fits all ShurTrax models. Water Ballast Fill Cap, Replacement, Plastic, Natural, ShurTrax Traction Aids, Each Product...
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