Shur Trax Tips

Tips to make the most of your ShurTrax


  1. It is easier to install ShurTrax if the product is kept warm before installation. ShurTrax is constructed of vinyl which becomes hard and brittle when cold. So keep your ShurTrax in the house before installation and it will be much easier to unfold and lay flat.

  2. DO NOT OVERFILL!!! Please be careful to not overfill your ShurTrax. The baffle system inside your ShurTrax provides a system that prevents sloshing water front to back or side to side. This is a very important feature of ShurTrax. If you overfill you run the risk of damaging the internal baffles and losing the protection against sloshing.

  3. Many people ask about antifreeze in their ShurTrax in case they need to remove the product from the truck bed or vehicle trunk during the season. Normally it may be frozen solid during the coldest winter months and removal would be a problem for most people. You may use biodegradable antifreeze, the pink stuff, to keep your ShurTrax from freezing. I would suggest about three gallons of antifreeze to a full size and two gallons to a compact size. This will keep your ShurTrax slushy but not frozen during the winter.

  4. It is perfectly okay to allow ShurTrax to freeze, as it is designed to freeze. The vinyl is treated to endure a cold crack of -40° F or C.

  5. ShurTrax probably will move in your truck bed. Starting and stopping motion of the truck will cause the unit to inch forward or backward. You can stop this movement by using sturdy tie down straps and attach them to the back (tailgate) end of ShurTrax with provided grommets and secure to the hooks in your truck bed. Of course it is always best to secure ShurTrax with four sturdy tie-downs.

  6. Did I mention “DO NOT OVERFILL”? Just checking, because it is very important that you not overfill ShurTrax. Three inches depth is plenty…trust me.

  7. Always drain your ShurTrax when out of season. The best way to drain is to put your vehicle’s front wheels on an incline, like in the driveway, open the cap and remove the plug. Begin the drain process by rolling the ShurTrax unit from front to back which will force the water out through the fill/drain valve. Keep rolling until all water has escaped. Unroll the unit when empty and hang it up with the fill/drain valve facing down.

  8. For best results and greatest longevity thoroughly clean your ShurTrax with a proper vinyl cleaner like a product named “303”.

  9. All ShurTrax Geeks then protect the vinyl with “303” vinyl conditioner and protectant. Do not use Armor All, it could dry the vinyl.

  10. Now you are all set for next season or maybe a little off-roading in the summer!