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Truckin' magazine tested the Shurtrax bed weight product and couldn't believe the extra control it provided in addition to the extra four hundred pounds of bed weight.

Wanted you to know this is the 3rd shurtrax I’ve purchased from your company. I have a full one in the bed of my ford ranger, My wife had one in her Toyota yaris (traction grabbed) and I just purchased her a 2015 Kia Soul and wanted a new Traction Grabber. We live in Pocono Mountains of pa., And winters can be wicked. Keep up the good work.

"We had 8.9 inches of snow last week and the ShurTrax did the job. The first time my wife drove my truck in the snow to work (while I watched our 42" plasma above the fireplace) she was so surprised at how easy it was to get there. She works for Harley-Davidson, and they never close!! Thank You!!!"

D. J./ Richfield, WI

"Winter is arriving shortly in Upstate New York and I can't wait until winter now that I have found your product, only one of the coolest inventions ever. It's genius. Thank you for caring about truckers' safety. I am getting one for myself and my father in the beginning of winter. Screw sand and cement blocks!"

G.K/New York

"I never thought your product would work, but it proves to be easier than loading bricks in back of the truck ever year. When I first take it out of my bed, I feel the difference when braking and taking off."

C.A./Kittery, ME

"I have used your product in two of my trucks and I loved what it did for our vehicles during inclement weather. I have showed the doubting Thomases that the product really worked. Thank you so much. A satisfied customer."

A.C. M. / Kansas City, MO

I bought the ShurTrax for my 2x4 full-size pickup. I live in Iowa so I see a lot of winter driving. It is very convenient to drain and store compared to lugging and stacking sand tubes which are an eye sore in the garage. The bladder also distributes the weight better and works as published. You also have the best customer service. Thanks Guys."

D.P. / Iowa

Last winter, I used ShurTrax in my Ford Ranger 2x4. It worked great and was the most stable weight system I've ever tried. As a teacher in northern Michigan, I drive over 50 miles each way to and from school. This spring, I drained the water out, folded it up, and will store it until next year."

D.H. / Gaylord, Michigan

"Just wanted to let you know how well your full size "ShurTrax" worked for me this past winter. I live in the "snow-belt" just off Lake Erie in Chardon, OH and we average over 100" of snow per season. I used this product in my full size Dodge Ram 4 x 4 pick-up to plow all season and it really lived up to the challenge. It gave me the weight I needed in the back of the bed without all the messy sandbags or the danger of heavy loose weights flying around. I even hauled firewood on top without any problems. After all the cold and snow at the end of winter, I was able to neatly store away. Thanks ShurTrax!!"

J.C. / Chardon, Ohio

"I have been using the "ShurTrax" for several months now, in my 1998 Dodge Dakota two-wheel drive pick-up. Snow covered and wet roads were no problem with the added weight in the bed. Even muddy conditions were no problem, and I don't even have a locked rear end! "ShurTrax" sure takes the worry out of adverse driving conditions!"

M.C. / Columbus, Ohio / CW4 U.S. Army

"I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your ShurTrax product. It took only 12 minutes to install with a garden hose and some bungee cords. No more do I worry about my wheels losing traction needlessly in wet or snowy conditions. I was a little worried on several occasions when I loaded items on top of it. But the ShurTrax showed no apparent damage. I just leave it in year round. It's nice not having to load cement blocks or sandbags come winter. My wife likes the way it keeps the groceries from sliding to the front of the pickup bed when she goes to the store. Good idea ShurTrax."

Happy Trucker / Columbus, Ohio

"I am very happy with your product and find it contributes to a safer ride during the winter months. It is a pleasure finding innovative products like yours that really make a difference and lives up to and exceeds expectations. Well done."

T.T./ Oakville, Ontario