Midsize/Compact Pickup ShurTrax Traction Grabber with Field Repair

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Midsize/Compact Pickup ShurTrax Traction Grabber with Field Repair

Get better control on your Midsize/Compact Pickup with 300 extra-traction pounds PLUS be ready for repair events in the field!

A Midsize/Compact Pickup ShurTrax Field Repair Kit helps you keep a good workday a good work day. It equips you with two 15-inch, two 21-inch and two 31-inch heavy-duty rubber tarp straps with steel hooks. You also get an extra filler replacement cap and seal, should you misplace your original and a Tear-Aid patch kit for on-the-spot repairs of accidental punctures.

Of course you’ll also get improved handling and control on all road conditions from spring rains to winter snow with the added weight of the ShurTrax all-weather traction grabber. Place your Midsize/Compact ShurTrax traction grabber (56” x 48” x 3” with 40” between wheel wells) in your truck bed. Lock all four corners with rubber tarp straps to keep the weight secure. Attach a standard garden hose to the fitted nozzle. Run in 40 gallons of water (about 3” deep) and you’ve added 300 lbs. (136 kg) of truck traction right over the rear wheels.

ShurTrax offers a level of safety not possible with loose tube sand, cement blocks or cordwood. In some states those loose weights are illegal because they can become projectiles in an emergency stop. ShurTrax super tough vinyl chamber is UV resistant and reinforced with a woven nylon mesh. That chamber encloses die-electrically welded baffles restrained with relief holes to prevent surging on cornering, stopping and starting.

Haul up to 500 lbs. (227 kg) on top of ShurTrax. (Take care not to puncture the vinyl, or add a sheet of plywood and just load up.) When you don’t need the extra weight, simply drain your ShurTrax grabber and fold/roll it for easy storage. ShurTrax models are designed for short or long bed Midsize/Compact pickup trucks from all manufacturers including:

Chevrolet Colorado

GMC Canyon

Mazda pickup

Chevrolet S-10

GMC Sonoma

Nissan Frontier

Dodge Dakota

Honda Ridgeline

Suzuki Equator

Ford Ranger

Isuzu pickup

Toyota Tacoma

For Step-Side pickups fold “corner ears” under before fill.

ShurTrax warranty period is three years, except in cases of puncture. Puncture is not covered. NO HASSLE warranty for three years. To make a warranty claim, simply call 866-582-9078, please have proof of purchase available, describe the defect, cut the fill valve from your ShurTrax and return the fill valve to us at 8300 Lane Drive,Watervliet, MI 49098 We will replace your ShurTrax at no cost and will pay the return shipping to you.

  • Properly filled ShurTrax: Handles freezing to minus 40°F. and 40°C.
  • Prevents weight shift on turns/starts/stops.
  • Straps down tight with integral grommets.
  • Meets water transportation needs 40 gallons for construction, recreation, agriculture, landscaping, pond replenishment.
  • NOT approved for potable water storage.


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